Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From Mexico!!

Warning- If this post ends suddenly, it is because my man has returned to the cyber for me, and I have to get going...

So, I´m here and all is well. I´ve been here almost 10 days and only had one day of real homesickness, like how am I possibly going to live this far from so many I love. But not a bad ratio so far, huh? And my beloved FB held for as long as I wanted to cry, encouraged me then and the next day to cry whenever I need to, and proposed that if it turns out to be too hard for me to live here, he thinks it´d be easier on him to live in Rochester. I don´t at all think that´s something we want to pursue at this point, but I soooo appreciate him saying so!

Things have been going well, although very busy. FB´s job involves spending the majority of the day driving around to the homes of clients behind on their accounts. So the best way for us to accomplish the myriad of errands, etc, is for me to spend the day with him and we stop as we can. So I haven´t had much time for things like blogging...

Which, speaking of his job, please pray for God to supernaturally provide a better one. This one is very long hours (From about 930am till about 830pm with an hour for lunch...although maybe it will be slightly better when he isn´t fitting all these errands in) and not enough pay. But it´d be next to impossible to find a new one while working this one. SO...

In other news, our house is very cute. I´m very excited about that! It´s brand new, we´re the first renters. And small, but plenty for the 2 of us. And within walking distance of a couple of my best friends here.

They had a shower for me last Saturday. I was very nervous to be the center of attention for so long without Herme to help me. But it was loads of fun (the Mexican culture has a better idea of how to enjoy themselves, I think)! And we were given a nice starter set of things for the house - towels, glasses, iron and board, pans...

Hmm, I´m almost out of time on my account here, so...

I appreciate your prayers as we wind up all the details before the wedding! and for my Spanish to come quickly!

I´ll write again as I´m able - I should have a bit more time when things settle down after the wedding.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Adventure Begins...

So, I promised a post about how God used my long engagement for good, but I'm all out of time. Suffice it to say that a year ago, I cried every time my family talked about Christmas presents and whether we should pull names since there are so many of us (I ended up being the one person that exchanged gifts with everyone), and this year I happily watched as they pulled names without including me at all. My point is, I'm not usually good with change, but I think with the long engagement I've had, God has been able to prepare me and walk me through all the emotions little by little.

I leave, as in move to another country, in an hour and a half!

My man has been here since late Thursday night, and in case anyone wasn't sure, I've got an awesome man to become my husband. This was an exhausting, overwhelming weekend for him. But he managed to walk it out quite gracefully, AND consistently put his own feelings aside to help me walk out my good-byes. Which, all things considered, I've handled pretty well. There must be people praying for me! Don't get me wrong, there were tears each time I said good-bye to the next person, but only ever a few, and I never got overwhelmed by sadness or anything.

That's a really short, doesn't do it justice, description of where I'm at and what I'm up to. But I gotta get moving.

One more thing....FB and my family really connected well, I think. Which is awesome for me.

Ok, next time I write, I'll be in Mexico. I have no clue when that will be, but I will be back. Promise.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Late :(

Remember that 2:30 arrival that I thought would maximize FB's time here?


Well, he missed his 1st flight, apparently. I don't know how or why. Now he won't arrive until 11pm.

Oh well.

At least this time he and I aren't limited in our time together (like when I went down there for a short visit last Christmas and my early afternoon arrival turned into a late-night arrival...)...

It just limits his time meeting my family and what-not.

I'm just hoping he gets some sleep along the way today, cause it's gonna be a long one. And I'm hoping he doesn't starve, since he has no American money to use on his now long Atlanta layover.

Soon. He will be here soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Little bit of good packing news

I'd been weighing all my bags on the scale we have here at my parents' house, stopping several pounds short of the limit since I didn't know how the scale at the airport would compare. I didn't want to cut it real close to the limit only to discover that our scale was off and all my bags were overweight.

So, this morning, early, and in the snow, I trekked out to the airport with one of my heaviest bags and got it weighed. It weighed the exact same amount at the airport as it did at home. That means that every bag I packed so far can hold several more pounds of stuff each. That is a HUGE help in my organizing and packing world!

Well, I'm off to pack some more :P

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I think I've mentioned... I hate packing!

For some reason it always turns my brain to mush. I have to put so much thought into what should go together so that breakables don't break and nothing is overweight and I can find things later...

And now the weight limits imposed by the airlines are really pretty tight. Which is extremely frustrating, because I have lots of stuff I'd like to take with me, and some nice big suitcases that can hold lots of that stuff...but if I fill them, they are overweight and I have to pay major fees :(

UPDATE: Scratch the comments on major fees. Turns out for my flight to Mexico, I'm not allowed to take anything over 50 pounds, period. It is so frustrating to have the space for the things I need to pack, but be limited by weight. Apparently shipping is more important to airlines than passengers luggage.

Like I said, it all turns my brain to mush, so this post is unfortunatly nothing inspired. But please pray for my man, as his boss informed him yesterday that he needs to work double today and tomorrow to make up for his time coming here. Which, when combined with his very early departure time Thursday and the fact that he has never flown, means there is quite the potential for him to be exhausted when he arrives. So pray for productivity, rest, strength, and easy travel.

Coming such a long engagement was probably God's way of preparing me...