Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I hate moving

I really do. I hate packing - it is not a strength of mine. I always manage to make it more work than it needs to be. And in the process of doing that, I stress myself out with how much there is and how long it is taking. There's so much organizing, so much purging to be done. Made so much more worse by the fact that I tend to accumulate stupid stuff, I guess out of laziness. You would think that after moving something like 8 times in the last 11 years that I would have gotten better at it, that I'd have learned not to accumulate things, that it would stop stressing me out so much because I'm such a pro now. But sadly, that just doesn't seem to be true. I'm trying to stop proclaiming over myself that moving stresses me out and replace that mantra with something Godly and peace-oriented, but I haven't quite gotten that down yet.

Anyways, I'd better get back to work. My next move is in 3 1/2 days...

**To be fair to myself, this move would probably be pretty easy, as I do have more experience and have gotten somewhat better at not accumulating so much stuff. However, rather than just throwing everything in boxes, I have to determine what is or is not going to Mexico, and how soon I hope it can make it there. So each category of things that I own (i.e. music, clothes, books, decorations) is getting all laid out, sorted AND prioritized, THEN packed.**

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