Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No, really, I´m still alive

I know, I know, you all think that I fell off the face of the earth or something. But I really am still here. It´s just that I only made it to a cyber cafe once in the last 10 or so days, for less than an hour (which really was just enough time to weed thru the backlog of emails I´d accumulated). And today I don´t have much time to write, because again, I had a backlog of reading to do. But I have like 4 half written posts in my head to share with you in the coming days, such as:
-the highs and huh?s of pregnancy
-vacation days, or not
-a general how I am adjusting to life here type update
-the comfort in stereotypes

But please have patience with me in getting these posted. You see, we finally sat down to make a budget. At first we put it off because we weren´t exactly sure what are expenses were, or what certain bills would end up looking like, and then we had to find a good time. But we did it. And it turns out that for the moment, we have just enough, and I mean just enough, money to pay our bills. (Thank You, Lord!) There are still a couple of things we are working on to help make money stretch, as well. But my point is, that technically, although coming to the cyber cafe is a big deal for me, and is relatively cheap (about 75 cents/hour), it rates more as a luxury than a necessity. And our budget is very, very tight. SO - depending on how things go with those ideas of how to make the money stretch, my time may be more limited than it has been. I will do my best to use my time productivey and not get sucked in to random cyber surfing, etc. But it may be tricky to post real often.

But posting at least one of the before mentioned posts is on my to-do list for later this week. provided I have time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I only have a few minutes left...

...but for those who were wondering, we saw PS: I love you on Friday night. We both enjoyed it, although sometimes I get a little annoyed with the stuff they throw in there (like why did she have to sleep with the guy on their 1st date?). But overall, it was relatively clean, and one of those sweet, sappy, romantic comedies that will most likely make the ladies cry (I know I did, several times). American movies arrive here still in English, with Spanish subtitles, which means we both get to fully enjoy it (although FB admittedly has to work a little harder). And turns out movies are way cheaper here - only cost $45 pesos each, which means about $4 American dollars.

In other news, in case you weren´t sure, it is not fun having to get up and go to the bathroom anywhere from 2-5 times in a single night! I used to get up once most nights, but this is getting out of control. I don´t drink much in the evenings, even if I am thirsty. And I go to the bathroom right before bed. I even lean foward, which I read is supposed to ensure you really empty your bladder (sorry if this is TMI for anyone - but it is driving me crazy!). Not so restful to wake up every couple hours for a bathroom run.

Oh well. Out of time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sshhh! It`s a secret!

You see, I was paid a very high compliment this week, in an area in which I have already shared my insecurities with you all. And it came from the person most able to affect me with such a compliment. But it is the type that can`t get back to certain people. However, since those people live here in Mexico and speak Spanish, and my readers generally live in the US and speak English, I thought maybe I could share here.

My dear, sweet husband told me this week that I am a better cook than his mother. (And his mother is generally known to be a very good cook.)

Now, I am keeping in mind that this came at a time when he happened to be very hungry - everything tastes better when you are hungry. But it was said very sincerely, and pretty much blew me away.


In other news, I don`t think I have mentioned yet here how excited FB`s family is about my pregnancy. They have already started buying us baby clothes! And you should have seen and heard them the other night when we showed them the ultrasound picture. And they keep making me model for them to see if I am showing yet (enough for FB and I to tell, not too noticeable to most other folks). All in all, it`s fun.

I am happy to say that I am one of those people that really enjoy my in-laws. A couple of Herme`s brothers are really quiet, and we are only just starting to be comfortable initiating conversations with each other. But the brother closest to me in age is really outgoing and loves to pick my brain about one thing or another. He`s managed to pick up enough English words to help me along when I`m not sure what he is saying, too. And his sisters and I hit it off since the beginning, as well as the neices and nephews. We get along even better now that I have improved enough in my Spanish that I don`t feel like they are talking at the speed of light ;)

Well, we are giving ourselves a rare treat and heading to the movies in a little bit, so I am going to get going. FB has had a great workweek, getting out much earlier than usual (by several hours) a couple of days and an hour or 2 early the other days. If only his weeks could be more like this on a regular basis!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Baby! :)

We had our first prenantal check up this morning, and it was so exciting!

Our Pastor and his wife had recommended this particular doctor to us (they are currently under his care for their pregnancy). At their suggestion, they accompanied us in order to present us to the doctor as friends that they recommended him to, which was really nice of them to take the time to do. It also helped us with the practicalities of figuring out where we were going the 1st time, etc.

It was a pretty straight forward appointment overall, with him asking some basic questions and laying down the law as far as my diet and activity levels are concerned. He is really friendly and likeable, and you really get the sense he knows what he is doing. The only downside is that he talks kind of fast, so I couldn´t always keep up with him (as in, my Spanish isn´t quite good enough...). I think I will be able to in another month or 2, but in the meantime, thankfully have this great husband who will be accompanying me, and who pretty much knows all my answers anyways :) And he even explains to me afterwards anything I missed.

But the exciting part was the ultrasound! What a gift of technology, allowing us a glimpse at God´s miraculous creation of a new little person inside of me! It was very clear, and both FB and I could easily identify the head, hands, feet, etc, even before the Dr explained. The Dr also showed us the beating heart and developing brain, and said taking size and everything into account, all appears to be coming along normally and healthy. The size of the baby was right on track, giving a predicted due date within 3 days of what the Dr had said based on the calendar.

Speaking of the baby´s size, he or she is 3.12 cm long from head to rump, which happens to be the length of the upper 2/3 of my pinky finger. I keep looking down at my finger and picturing the little baby I saw moving around this morning. So amazing.

We both walked out of there several feet above the ground, I think. And we have stayed in a slightly dazed state all day.

I think seing the baby like that was especially good for my husband, as he was just expressing the other day that he kind of wishes the baby were born already, because he feels so unconnected or far removed from the baby right now. I don´t think he feels quite that way anymore :)

So, all is well and developing right on track. Next month we´ll have some basic lab work done so the Dr can check my levels of whatever is doctors check. In the meantime, he made some suggestions to help with the congestion and nauseaness. And I am supposed to cut way back on carbs, salt, and junk food and up my intake of fruits, veggies, water, etc. Sounds basic, I know, but was reassuring to me as such dietary onversation are much more rare here.