Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Baby! :)

We had our first prenantal check up this morning, and it was so exciting!

Our Pastor and his wife had recommended this particular doctor to us (they are currently under his care for their pregnancy). At their suggestion, they accompanied us in order to present us to the doctor as friends that they recommended him to, which was really nice of them to take the time to do. It also helped us with the practicalities of figuring out where we were going the 1st time, etc.

It was a pretty straight forward appointment overall, with him asking some basic questions and laying down the law as far as my diet and activity levels are concerned. He is really friendly and likeable, and you really get the sense he knows what he is doing. The only downside is that he talks kind of fast, so I couldn´t always keep up with him (as in, my Spanish isn´t quite good enough...). I think I will be able to in another month or 2, but in the meantime, thankfully have this great husband who will be accompanying me, and who pretty much knows all my answers anyways :) And he even explains to me afterwards anything I missed.

But the exciting part was the ultrasound! What a gift of technology, allowing us a glimpse at God´s miraculous creation of a new little person inside of me! It was very clear, and both FB and I could easily identify the head, hands, feet, etc, even before the Dr explained. The Dr also showed us the beating heart and developing brain, and said taking size and everything into account, all appears to be coming along normally and healthy. The size of the baby was right on track, giving a predicted due date within 3 days of what the Dr had said based on the calendar.

Speaking of the baby´s size, he or she is 3.12 cm long from head to rump, which happens to be the length of the upper 2/3 of my pinky finger. I keep looking down at my finger and picturing the little baby I saw moving around this morning. So amazing.

We both walked out of there several feet above the ground, I think. And we have stayed in a slightly dazed state all day.

I think seing the baby like that was especially good for my husband, as he was just expressing the other day that he kind of wishes the baby were born already, because he feels so unconnected or far removed from the baby right now. I don´t think he feels quite that way anymore :)

So, all is well and developing right on track. Next month we´ll have some basic lab work done so the Dr can check my levels of whatever is doctors check. In the meantime, he made some suggestions to help with the congestion and nauseaness. And I am supposed to cut way back on carbs, salt, and junk food and up my intake of fruits, veggies, water, etc. Sounds basic, I know, but was reassuring to me as such dietary onversation are much more rare here.


Carole said...

I know these are carbs, but my midwife suggested brown rice (high in vitamin B) and Grape Nuts (w/o milk) to help with the nausea. Ginger is supposed to help, too. As in, ginger tea, gingersnap cookies, etc.

OTRgirl said...

Glad to hear you have a solution in sight for the bathroom.

It's amazing how much the baby has developed already in such a small package. Really miraculous.

scarp said...

Carole - I looked for ginger, cuz I heard that from a few sources, but we couldn´t find anything ginger here. Guess it isn´t a commonly used flavor here. I should see if I can find brown rice, because I wanted to get more vitamin B in my diet, and couldn´t find it as a supplement here. I´m gonna focus on cutting back on ´white carbs´ and not worry too much about complex carbs.

otrgirl - I read that almost every organ and body part already exists, and from here on out it is just a question of developing to the full. It really is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Peppermint candies help with the nausea, too, if that's more readily available. It worked for me! ~Nicole

Anonymous said...

Can't help you on any suggestions as what to eat during your pg, other than watch your diet. All will be well, make sure you exercise, nothing to strenous, goods walks with your man, or family while he is working. Keeping talking to baby so he or she will know your voice at birth. A nice song would be good, nothing like music to sooth new life and your self.