Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 1/2 Months

Common comments:
She is so alert! notices everything!
She has so much to say- very chatty! (don`t understand that one...) :)
She is so smiley (especially from the safety of mom's arms)!

Recent advances:
Sitting up unsupported (altho carefully watched for the ocassional loss of balance)
Eating a bit of cereal once a day, starting with a bit of banana, etc
Teeth appear to be coming very soon...

Other news:
Looks like we found a house - very near church and family, cheaper, a little simpler in style but a little bigger as well. pictures forthcoming...

Finding about one job/week to apply for - but haven`t received calls for any interviews, etc.

Our Pastor asked us to take charge of the weekly Thurs service - and I`m doing the teaching! (based on restoring the soul book) - very exciting but lots of prep work with the help of my husband - also exciting is all the healing he`s receiving as we work (altho it means the prep goes even slower/longer).

ok, Katya is trying to help me type, and is generally running out of patience with being here, so we´re off. Sorry posts are so irregular of late....the time has been flying...