Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No, really, I´m still alive

I know, I know, you all think that I fell off the face of the earth or something. But I really am still here. It´s just that I only made it to a cyber cafe once in the last 10 or so days, for less than an hour (which really was just enough time to weed thru the backlog of emails I´d accumulated). And today I don´t have much time to write, because again, I had a backlog of reading to do. But I have like 4 half written posts in my head to share with you in the coming days, such as:
-the highs and huh?s of pregnancy
-vacation days, or not
-a general how I am adjusting to life here type update
-the comfort in stereotypes

But please have patience with me in getting these posted. You see, we finally sat down to make a budget. At first we put it off because we weren´t exactly sure what are expenses were, or what certain bills would end up looking like, and then we had to find a good time. But we did it. And it turns out that for the moment, we have just enough, and I mean just enough, money to pay our bills. (Thank You, Lord!) There are still a couple of things we are working on to help make money stretch, as well. But my point is, that technically, although coming to the cyber cafe is a big deal for me, and is relatively cheap (about 75 cents/hour), it rates more as a luxury than a necessity. And our budget is very, very tight. SO - depending on how things go with those ideas of how to make the money stretch, my time may be more limited than it has been. I will do my best to use my time productivey and not get sucked in to random cyber surfing, etc. But it may be tricky to post real often.

But posting at least one of the before mentioned posts is on my to-do list for later this week. provided I have time.


Inkling said...

Hey, thanks for your comments and your prayers. I won't stop blogging, even if my mom is feeling a tad embarrassed at how open her daughter is.

You have been in my prayers too, and just this morning I was wondering how you are doing physically with the whole pregnancy thing. I'll probably try to send you an email later in the week, but don't worry about responding until you have time. In the meantime, I'll be praying for lots of quarters to come your way for internet. =)

OTRgirl said...

Good to see a post. I haven't had much time for email or blogging myself, so I hear you.

Just curiously, if you were sent a laptop, would you be able to connect from home, or is that out of the picture? I don't have one, but I'm in Silicon Valley and you just never know when you'll find one sitting around...

Inkling said...

Hey again...I sent you an email, but realized that I don't even know if you still use that address now that you've moved and are married. So just in case, I need to let you know that I have to take my blog private by next Tuesday morning. I'd love to stay connected with you for sure, and wanted to give you the chance to let me know if you'd like to be invited. If so, just send me an email at saraorange1974 {at} yahoo {dot} com and let me know. And if you do ask to be added but then can't get access for some reason after Tuesday, email me again and I'll get it fixed.