Thursday, July 19, 2007


Apparently I only kind of understand how to load pictures on here, so these are in somewhat random order, with some strange spacing. They are mostly from my recent trip, but I added a couple of my favorites from when I was there at Christmas time.

This one of the 2 of us is from my first full day there. I know, I look a bit....warm.
But it is a good one of him, and is an accurate portrayal of the fact that he is just slightly taller than me. For those who like to know these things, we are standing in front of his house (the 2 of us are facing the house). It was a hazy day, so it is hard to make out the mountains that normally form the backdrop of the view.

This one of the 2 of us is from a day trip a small group of us made up into the mountains. (Side note: because they live in such a desert climate, they consider that stream a river.)

Next are a couple of his family - this isn't everybody, just the ones I see the most of. These are from my second full day there, after church. Again, we are in front of his house. The first is FB with his mother, 2 sisters, and one of 3 brothers. The 2nd includes 4 nieces and one great nephew. Yes, the woman in the green top is his niece, and the little boy is her son. Remember, FB is the youngest of 7.

Finally, there are 2 of my favorites from when I was there at Christmas time - we're sitting in a restaurant and standing in the Pastor's house (where I stay when I visit).



OTRgirl said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for loading them. I just caught up on your post-vacation posts. I love the idea of a CA trip! Hope you can earn lots of mulah.

Carole said...

Nice pics!