Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny Mistake

A quick story from my Mexico trip that I almost forgot I wanted to tell:

While I was there this time, we went back to several of the places we had gone last summer together. One afternoon we went to visit the little town where he proposed to me last year. For those who don't know or don't remember, let me recap the proposal story real quick.

The night before, he had told me there was something he wanted to ask me, paused, and then said he would ask me the next day. Needless to say, I was dying of curiosity and very nervous, but held myself in check. So we went to this little town outside the city a little ways, spent a couple of hours walking and chatting, having lunch, etc. Eventually, we sat down on a bench, and he worked himself up to ask me his question.

He asked, in English, "Do you like me?"

I said yes, and he went on to tell me (again in English), "You are beautiful, you are special, your face reflects the Lord, and Jesus is first in my heart, then you."

By the end of the conversation, we were engaged.

Many thought it was strange to have gone from, "Do you like me?" to a marriage proposal. I thought maybe he wanted to just make sure we were on the same page since all week I had just been going along with his initiative. I also wasn't totally sure if, "Do you like me?" was his big question or if, "Do you want to marry me?" was.

So, this year, we visit this place again. As we walked by the bench where we sat last year, I gave him a hard time for the way he made me wait overnight to find out what his question was. He shook his head as if a little ashamed of himself and understood how hard that had been for me. A little while later, I asked if he remembered his question. This time, he kind of laughed to himself for a minute. Then he explained, "I wanted to ask, 'Me quieres?' and instead I asked, 'Te gusto?'" That is, he meant to say in English, "Do you love me?" and instead mistakenly asked, "Do you like me?"

I'm glad I brought it up - makes a lot more sense, don't you think?

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