Thursday, December 6, 2007

Late :(

Remember that 2:30 arrival that I thought would maximize FB's time here?


Well, he missed his 1st flight, apparently. I don't know how or why. Now he won't arrive until 11pm.

Oh well.

At least this time he and I aren't limited in our time together (like when I went down there for a short visit last Christmas and my early afternoon arrival turned into a late-night arrival...)...

It just limits his time meeting my family and what-not.

I'm just hoping he gets some sleep along the way today, cause it's gonna be a long one. And I'm hoping he doesn't starve, since he has no American money to use on his now long Atlanta layover.

Soon. He will be here soon.

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Inkling said...

I've been reading each entry, waiting to see how your story unfolds. I confess that I feel sad that you are going to be leaving so soon. That seems so crazy, especially considering we've never met outside of our blogs. But still. You're about ready to begin an incredible adventure of faith, not knowing what the next chaper holds, let alone the next page. I am praying for you, and very much hope you are able to keep writing and able to have an internet connection where you are moving.

As for the laundry, thanks for being with me on that one. When I was single (and sometimes even now, though my husband dislikes it), I would keep my clean clothes in a spot in my room and just use them until they were dirty, never putting them where they actually belonged. It was such a lazy habit, but the idea of putting them away seemed so tortuous. So silly, I know.