Friday, November 9, 2007

They're booked!!

I booked the flights this morning!

They aren't perfect - FB's ticket ended up a bit more expensive than I expected, and we arrive back in Mexico kind of late - but he'll arrive here at 2:30 in the afternoon, which maximizes his time here. We don't leave till 11:00 am that Monday. And there's only one layover in each direction. And unless there's some major issue, he should have enough time to get through customs and immigration on the way up here.

So, I really am leaving. Funny how much more things sink in when there's an actual date and flight. I've known for over a year that this was coming, but while all the dates were fuzzy, it was easy to not really consider what all it meant. Hmmm. That isn't exactly what I'm trying to say, but it is the best I can do to put it into words for the moment.

I've been crying a lot ever since the date to leave was set. Not long bouts of sobbing or anything. Just moments where someone comes to mind and I realize how much I'll miss them and how much it hurts to leave them. Maybe it's the thought of a nephew or niece, or just before I call a good friend, or after calling my mom about the hundredth thing that day. And I'll lose it (sometimes completely, sometimes just a few tears) for a minute or 2. Times that by several times a day. It's kind of exhausting.

On the other hand, I'm so excited about seeing FB that I can hardly stand it! I keep thinking about the really great part where I don't have to say good-bye to him for a long time to come. I'll be with him everyday. And I'm looking forward to the time I'll be spending with his family before the wedding (I'll definitely be staying with his mom, sister, and nieces for the few weeks between my arrival and the wedding, and he and his brother will go live in the house we're going to rent). I can't wait to see all my friends in Saltillo. I'm already hoping I get to go to home group the night after I arrive so I can see some of them.

I'm working hard at making sure I turn to the Lord with all my ups and downs. I don't know why it is that it is so easy to avoid the Lord exactly at the times you most need Him. So, when I find myself in tears or anticipating the excitement of being with my man, I am really trying to stop and talk to the Lord about it for a moment. Ask Him for help, or thank Him for the ways I'm blessed, or just share what I'm feeling.

All in all, this is quite the roller coaster ride. Please pray I don't completely exhaust myself as I work through all the emotions. Please pray I do indeed work through all the emotions. Please pray for supernatural organizational and packing abilities. Please pray for the right priorities for FB's time here.

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OTRgirl said...

Whew. Sounds very tiring. But, good that you're working through all this. I'm so glad he can come and you will be together when you arrive in Mexico.