Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've mostly avoided having to figure out and put together all the wedding details thus far. Mostly because I'm so far away that I can't be the one actually figuring things out, and partly because we've had a pretty long engagement so it was easy to put things off. But not anymore. We're down to 6 1/2 weeks until the wedding (oh my gosh! that is soooo soon!!) So, lots of final details need to be dealt with. And I've actually made some very good progress in recent days.

Over the weekend, former roommates helped me finish off finding my wedding day jewelry. We had a great time hanging out, including dinner (with dessert!) beforehand. And I do believe the jewelry is perfect! :)

Yesterday I had a make-up appointment with a woman from church that sells Mary-K. I realized recently that seeing as how I will be in a very small minority once I move to Saltillo, it may be difficult to find my colors and/or someone who could help me choose the right look for the wedding day. Thanks to the fact that she was running a 1/2 off sale, I now have lots of great make-up for not so much money. And since I'm not that great with make-up, the one on one consult was very helpful.

You may remember these ring ideas from about a month ago. Well, FB definitely liked this one. So a few weeks ago, my mom and I went out ring shopping...and couldn't find anything quite like it. I was somewhat discouraged. But then we went again last Thursday. Not only did we find more than one store where we could get exactly what I was looking for, one of those stores has a sale running - if you buy a matching set, you pay for the man's and the woman's is free! Thankfully, it appears that ring sizes are standard between here and Mexico, so now that I have FB's ring size, I can get those ordered tonight or tomorrow. From what I was told, the rings should be in before I leave.

I've been making my head spin today while researching my options on how to transfer my money from here to there. (I haven't come up with a bank yet that has branches in both places, so it looks like I need to close my account here and get all of my money there somehow...)

I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of in the moment, but I don't want to bore you all to tears, so I won't try too hard to think of what I'm forgetting. ;)


Anonymous said...

i carried all my cash on my body when i went over to tanzania. yes, several thousand dollars in my bra. slightly uncomfortable but no one was gonna steal my money! haha!

Anonymous said...

oops that was me.

Anonymous said...

another thought - you can buy a prepaid credit card (visa or mastercard), put your cash on it, and then use it over there.

Inkling said...

Details can be fun, and it sounds like you are having fun. I'm glad for that!

As for the money thing, if it's possible, I would recommend keeping a free checking account in the States if at all possible. I keep one in Missouri where my folks live, and only keep from $50 to $300 in it. I added my parents as trustees to the account, so they are allowed to deal with the bank in my absence. That way, if I want my mom to get something for me that I can't find here, she can pull out the money, get the product, and mail it to me. It also helps if I want to buy something online from the States, and want to avoid the fees that come with exchanging money. Also, when my grandparents give us small monetary gifts for our birthdays or Christmas, I usually just put the money in there, since it's easier to deal with that way. My parents also decided it was easier to get around the duty/customs issue by giving us money for Christmas and putting it in that account. Then we just use my Visa Check card to buy our gifts here. (And I checked to make sure I don't pay any hidden fees, like people do on some charge cards when purchasing internationally. Since mine is really not a credit card, but just has the Visa symbol, I don't have to deal with fees other than the straightforward exchange rate.) That saves my parents paying postage, and us paying major duty. My bank sends the statements or any correspondence to my parents' home where they file them for safekeeping, and I check my account to balance it online. My dad is good about opening whatever the bank mails to them, and letting me know if there is anything I need to be aware of.

Anyway, I just thought you might want some input, just in case having an account in the States long term might be helpful for you too.