Friday, October 26, 2007

Checking in...

So, I do have some good pictures contrasting raining and sunny fall colors - I just haven't had a chance to download them to the computer yet. But they are coming :)

I'm excited because this weekend I'm get to enjoy what has become one of my favorite fall traditions...driving with a friend down the back roads to the Naples end of Canandaigua Lake to buy a grape pie. The views are fantastic, especially if I time it right to catch the colors (which I think we've managed to do). And grape pie is one of those unusual but very yummy seasonal treats. Being able to do this is one of the perks of not leaving as early as I'd expected for Mexico.

Another perk of still being here, that I am also very excited about, is that I get to go visit one of my oldest friends next weekend :) I've known her since Kindergarten, love the man she married (he brings out all her best sides), and am looking forward to meeting the newest addition to their family. To top it all off, another good friend of many years to going with me! This is not the CA visit I had hoped for , but I am still grateful for the opportunity I wasn't sure I'd have.

In other news, good friends in Mexico (the Pastor and his wife) are expecting a baby! Very fun. They currently have 2 boys, who will be 10 and 12 by the time the baby comes :)


Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of grape pie until last year when my Mrs. Faithful (it's so funny we both have our own) gave me instructions on how to make one. Some friends had given us a load of grapes, which I processed into grape pie filling, grape juice, grape jelly, and grape jam. My first pie was a failure, as I evidently left out a crucial ingredient. My poor husband couldn't take a bite without some serious puckering. So I've got one more batch of filling left in the freezer, but haven't decided if I'm brave enough to try it.

I can't wait to see your pictures. By the way, how easy will it be for you to keep blogging once you move? I'm hoping it's possible, simply because I'd miss you too much if you had to stop blogging.

Inkling (I'm not currently signed in, but it's me.)

scarp said...

Oh, be brave and try the grape pie again - done correctly, it's delicious! Grape pie is, I think, one of those things people either love or have never heard of :P It's more common near me than in many places because we have a lot of vineyards around here, and there are still tons of people who've never had it.

My hope is to continue blogging with some regularity once I move. It most likely will not be as often as right now while I sit bored in front of a computer everyday at a boring job. But I'm hoping to use it as one of my lifelines of staying in touch with everyone.