Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reasons to smile :)

A beautiful, and I mean beautiful, drive on Saturday. The trees had to be close to peak, and we had just the right mix of rain and sun to appreciate the beauty of both!

Grape pie....yummm! And grape bread! And strawberry-rhubarb pie!

Forks and napkins for the taking so you can sample your grape pie as soon as you buy it!

4 kids (the children of a good friend) who are always happy to see me and give me lots of hugs (even if they do sometimes drive me crazy)!

Officially less than 2 months until my wedding!!!

Being asked at the last minute to translate the sermon for a Hispanic women - and doing a decent job of it!

Nieces and nephews! (and the special moments I got to share with them this weekend - like when my 2 yr old niece laid herself down in my arms when sleepy; or when my 4 yr old nephew explained that his new baby sister smiles when he kisses her, so whenever someone wants to see her smile, he kisses her; or when my 2 yr old nephew recited some of the lines with me when I read to him from his favorite books....)

Siblings teasing each other!

'Talking' to my man 5 times in an 8 day period! (with camera, and little to no internet problems!)

Realizing Monday morning that in paying attention to the heavier than usual traffic, I had failed to pay attention to where I was - and had driven right past my exit!

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