Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've never been much of a shower person. As in, bridal and baby showers. I go, and I'm glad to bless the person being honored with some type of gift - I appreciate the purpose of showers. But I've never really enjoyed going to them. I mostly endure them.

But I really enjoyed the one I went to on Friday night. Do you think it might be because it was my bridal shower?

I'm trying to decide if I've actually always disliked showers because it was a reminder of how much I wished I had a husband and children, or if I just enjoyed my own so much more because it was such a tangible sign of the fact that I'm truly getting married and there was such an outpouring of love from good friends.

I really was blessed. It was a good time of seeing and chatting with a variety of friends. People were generous (and complied with the request for cash/checks only due to my situation). I felt very loved by the people that put time and energy into making it happen. And they created a priceless gift for me as the evening went on - video taped messages for me to watch when I'm far away and homesick. This was mostly done without my knowledge over the course of the evening. And then at the end, a few brave souls shared things (memories, reasons they'd miss me, how they've seen God use me) in front of everyone. Lots of tears were shed. And I was reminded of the depth of relationship I have with so many wonderful women here. I hope and pray I am able to create such relationships in Mexico with time.

I sometimes wonder if I'll be able to stand the pain of being away from both my blood family and church family here. I am so close to so many. And then I remember that I am positive this move is a God thing, and that is everything I need and is faithful to provide for my every need.

And just cause you're probably all wondering, as everyone else in my life is, when I'm leaving and/or when FB is coming here....I still don't know either of those things. I am still waiting, still working on flexibility (and still very bored with my job). And once again I am waiting to hear from my man - it has been almost a week since our last (45 min) conversation. Apparently, this new job of his is keeping him very busy. When I start to get discouraged about this fact meaning that he will probably won't have tons of time for me when I first move there, I remind myself that simply getting to be physically in his presence on a regular basis will be umpteen times better than the current situation.

Sorry if this is getting choppy at the end. I'm not sure why I feel like I'm not expressing myself clearly.

But the good news is, the wedding is only 102 days (or 14 1/2 weeks) away. Which means I will be with my beloved sometime in the next 100 days or less.


Carole said...

I enjoyed your shower, too, and it wasn't for me and I hardly knew anyone there, so ... It was a special night, in my opinion.

OTRgirl said...

It sounds great. I'm glad they made the video. That sounds like the perfect gift.

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