Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fair compensation?

I was able to talk to my love last night (hooray!). Apparently, there were some weird internet issues this past Saturday. It turns out we were both online at the agreed upon time, but neither of us to could see or communicate with the other. Very strange.

Anyways, I'm beginning to wonder about this new job of his. Well, continuing to wonder might be more accurate. I already knew he had to work at least a half day most Saturdays. Now apparently he's been told to work one Sunday a month. He's still going to ask if he can just work extra hours another day so he doesn't have to miss church and all (I mean, he is the worship leader!). But the thing I don't get is how they get away with paying him so little for so much work. His salary would definitely be considered below poverty level here, although it doesn't seem that drastically low by Mexican standards. But this is an American based company. A professional level job. I can deal with long work hours if it feels worth it, but it will be hard to put up with if he continues to make less than what the bills add up to. I'm hoping all his hard work now is going to lead to some type of raise or something. Or that the Lord opens up a better opportunity. Something.


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