Friday, August 24, 2007


So the excitement of the week is that the honeymoon is booked! And so are the flights! One thing that is settled and figured out - and a fun thing at that :)

(For those who'd like a reminder or never knew the original plans, you can read about them here and here.)
I don't think I'd mentioned here that the original plan ended up not working out. We hadn't ever actually made our reservations at the first place I found (well, actually it was the 2nd place) because we were deciding things like if the wedding date was really settled, etc. And in the meantime, they ended up fully booked for the first half of the week we'd be going.

So I was back to square one. Can't tell you how bummed and frustrated I was when I realized they were booked last week. It was starting to feel like nothing was going our way.

Then a couple of things happened...
1) I checked out the place my brother had gone for his honeymoon, just for kicks, even though it was in a completely different city than where we'd been talking about going
2) Expedia had a sale on reservations at said hotel
3) I found out I had more money to work with than I thought

All of which combined to mean we have reservations at a really unique place, with high recommendations from my brother and his wife - and I'm pretty excited!!
We'll have a casita (little house - but basically just a bedroom and bathroom) of our own built into the side of a mountain, opening up to our own deck or patio overlooking the ocean (and facing the sunset), with our very own pool. Breakfast will be quietly delivered every morning by way of a 'magic box' (like a milk box), and we'll be chauffeured around the extensive property in a pink and white jeep. You can't deny it - I know you're jealous right now ;)

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