Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slightly bummed

So, as it turns out, Dad's frequent flyer miles are not going to work for me to get a visit in this summer. He has graciously offered to pay half of my airfare so that I can still consider a trip. But it isn't quite as exciting to consider a $250-$300 trip as it is to consider a practically free trip. Plus, I felt like I had hardly anything going on this summer and so could easily take off. But it turns out that the timing is very tight to fit said trip in. For example, I had almost forgotten that moving is actually a really big deal and does indeed impact when I can travel.

All of that isn't so bad. However, I had thought I'd found just the right hotel for our honeymoon. Right location, great room, awesome price (read: in our very limited price range). My astute brother, who kindly checked the place out at my request, noticed that the owner is currently under FBI investigation for some scam. A little further research on my part indicated that most likely, because of this, the hotel will end up changing hands over the next several months. So it may not be a great idea to book there right now, as it is hard to know what will be happening between now and when we arrive. But so far, I have not found anything else that has what I'm looking for unless it is about twice what I am willing/able to pay. (Side note: I can hardly believe that there are apparently a lot of people out there willing to pay $750 a night!!!)

What this all adds up to is that I am a little bummed because my two very exciting things (a free visit and a great honeymoon spot) have both kind of fizzled out on me, so to speak. Oh well. The good news is, a visit is still an awesome thing and is now much more in my price range. And the honeymoon, I have a feeling, will be great no matter what hotel we end up in.


OTRgirl said...

Too bad.

Can you just rent a cottage for a week? Sometimes that's cheaper than a hotel...

Where are you trying to go?

scarp said...

He really wanted to go to Cancun. I know - hard to find affordable in Cancun. And then throw in that the first half of our honeymoon falls on a holiday weekend....yeah. Thus the excitement in finding the 'perfect' place. I'm gonna look a little more and see what I can find, then move on to similar but not quite so popular locales and see if he'll agree to switch.