Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The best laid plans...

My fiance and I seem to be learning a lesson of flexibility. This summer I think just about every plan we had has been modified, or at least re-evaluated. Everything from the wedding date to the honeymoon plans to where we'll live or when he'll visit....we make plans, then discover they need to be re-discussed and decided all over again. I am being kept on my toes, never able to think I know what to expect for long!

The latest thing that has changed, for at least the 2nd time, is our plans for where we'll live. Originally, back when FB had a job with what seems now like a hugely comfortable salary, we planned to buy a house right off. As things changed with his job situation, we figured we'd be better to start off renting something more affordable. That was a pretty easy change to adjust to, especially since we thought we could live right by the Pastor. I've stayed at the Pastor's house each time I've visited over the last year, and he and his wife have really adopted me like a younger sister or daughter. This way, they could look out for me and help me. Also, FB's sister and her 2 girls could live with me until the wedding. There are several reasons why I didn't want to live alone before the wedding, including being able to improve my language and cooking skills, not getting too homesick, and not opening the 2 of us up to too much temptation.

But, of course, things have changed again.

He has signed on at the job I mentioned last week. Which is good in the sense that he is getting paid. But the salary is not quite enough to cover the bills. So what seemed like an affordable rent before is now too high. A couple from the church has a house for rent on the other side of town and is willing to give us a great deal. Lower rent, no security deposit, first 1/2 month for free. Can't turn that down under the circumstances. Obviously, it is not near the Pastor. But it isn't too far from some other friends we have. It is also not in the same school district - meaning it won't work for his sister and her girls to live there with me before the wedding. I really don't want to live alone, though. So, FB and his brother will move out of their mom's house and stay at the new house until the wedding, and I'll live with his mom, sister, and 2 nieces at their house.

Not a bad solution, really. But I won't be able to settle in the same way when I first arrive. I won't have much privacy (there's only one actual bedroom in the house). And then, once we're married and I live at 'our' house, I won't be as close as I had hoped to friends (i.e. a support system).

I'll adjust, as I have to the other changes we've made. But it would be nice if we could stick with a plan and not have to keep changing things. It helps me feel ready for all the adjustments I will need to make when I feel like I know what to expect. Of course, all these changes do cause me to lean that much more into the Lord as my solid rock, which may very well be the point.


Anonymous said...

so as I finished reading your post, the Lord brought this verse to mind "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD,
And He delights in his way." Ps 37:23

The Lord is taking DELIGHT in your dependence on his guidance and you flexibility to adjust your steps!


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