Tuesday, May 1, 2007

An Update...

Well, I didn't want to leave everyone hanging, wondering if I am doomed to perpetual crying. The good news is, I made it through all of today without crying once. Yesterday, on the other hand, I made it almost through the whole day, then lost it in a meeting with my boss at 5ish. The great thing about that is that I have a very unique relationship with my boss, and it doesn't phase him in the least when I cry in one of our meetings. He also doesn't read more into it than is there - he can usually accurately perceive the root of the tears, sometimes better than I can. On my end, these were half-way expected tears due to the topic at hand. Which, for those who do not cry as frequently as I do, is much easier to deal with than unexpected and/or seemingly pointless tears. So, I guess it is a mixed bag of progress. At least I am not crying multiple times a day in an on-going fashion.

My continued search for airfare has me pretty well convinced that I can't fly from here to there and back again for less than $500. (To be perfectly truthful, there are flights {at ungodly hours, with multiple long layovers, returning to a different airport than you started at} for $489, but...) I feel like I had another thought here, but I lost it.

On another note, I often struggle with finishing things well. I tend to peeter out towards the end of things, having lost motivation for it as I start looking ahead to the next thing. I am trying desperately to fight this tendency in my last weeks at work. Fighting it is similar to the feeling in bad dreams when you can't move as fast as you want to, no matter how important it is. So I'd appreciate any and all prayers on this front. I do want to finish out well. I want to leave all the bases covered, not gaping holes.

Ok, I'm off to write a love letter....it is long overdue.

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Peter said...

estoy contento a escuchar que no tuviste lagrimas ayer. y para su pregunta...un "palp" es un palpatation de mi corazon. ciao!