Monday, April 30, 2007

Missing him...

I spent about 10 days last summer in Mexico, seeing my man everyday but one. 4 1/2 months later I was back, spending Christmas thru New Years together. Here we are, 4 months after my last visit. At this point, we have no plans to see each other until he comes up to meet everyone here sometime in the fall. (FYI, he can't come until he has a visa approved, etc - much more complicated that you might think.) And then I'll go back with him, moving then so that I am settled before the wedding at the end of the year. Can I just say:


I do thank the Lord (honestly, not sarcastically) that I live in a time that has the technology we have. I get to chat online with him several times a week, for only the cost of internet access. We use web cams, so I do get to 'see' him, which helps A LOT. And sometimes we even get to use microphones and actually talk to each other too. Which also helps A LOT. But sometimes it also makes it that much harder. I can see him, I can hear him, and yet he is still thousands of miles away. What I wouldn't give to be able to sit next to him or hold his hand get the idea.

Someone suggested today that I watch for a last-minute fare and just take off some weekend to see him. Very tempting. However, in a quick search today, I found nothing less than $500 something, and that was flying in to the city that is 1-2 hours away from him (not exactly convenient for an unplanned trip). I've mostly used Travelocity for my airfare needs - anyone know if a different site is better for the last-minute deals?

I've had several people tell me I'm so disciplined and other such things, for going so long without seeing him, having such limited contact. They don't realize it isn't so much a matter of discipline as it is actual possibility. If it wouldn't break the bank, I'd be heading down there every chance I got. Oh well, 243 days till the wedding, and counting...


Val said...

You sound better today. I think that you are doing well considering the circumstances. I know that you put your trust in the Lord and He brought the two of you together through thousands of miles that He will bring you through the coming months. I love getting a chance to read your thoughts. It makes you feel so much closer.
You both are in my thoughts and prayers,

OTRgirl said...

Long distance is hard and we got to see each other once a month. Sigh.

Have you tried They do a good job of gathering all possible fares (except Southwest).