Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time to go

Katya is getting fussy quickly, but I'm gonna go ahead and try to write this post as fast as I can because I may not get another chance.

We leave early Tuesday morning, and I am not too sure how I feel about that.

Last time I came up, I was more than ready to head back to Saltillo. But my husband was waiting for me there. 2 weeks was a long time to be without him. This time, he is here with me. And we have been here long enough to have really settled in, for me to feel 'home' again here. I have no real excitement or urge to get back this time.

I am sure that once I am there, and in our home, back in our own little routine, that I will settle back in and be ok. But I have a feeling that the good-bye is going to be rough. And that getting back in our own little routine will take a little while (it will be much quieter and a bit lonelier not having several family members around at any given time).

Another factor here - last time I knew it wouldn't be too long before I saw everyone again. My dad had already started talking about bringing us up so everyone could meet the baby. This time, I have absolutely no idea when I will be back or see anyone from here again. I remember that feeling of not knowing how long it would be before I saw family a year ago - it easily brought me to tears on occasion. But I was also pregnant at the time, and therefore a bit more emotional than usual. So we'll see how that goes this time.

Ok, baby is fussing more and more - time to go...

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Inkling said...

I can relate, and will be praying for you. I so wanted to send you some fun mail while you were home, but my health issues from childbirth got in the way. Hopefully, I'll be better soon and able to mail you a letter to Mexico. Please tell your folks I said hello and that you've all been on my mind during your visit home. love, Sara