Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Final moments

Strangely enough, the final moments of our trip.... are a day longer and later than planned. We worked hard to get every last gift and hand-me-down squeezed into the suitcases, made sandwiches to get us thru a long day, got up really early to head for the airport...

and found out that the last leg of our trip doesn't exist today!!

It was the Lord's grace that we found out here and not in Houston - can you imagine if we had made it to Houston, and then they told us? With the baby, and not packed in a way to facilitate such a stop, and without a way to call the family in Saltillo and warn them?!?! It was thanks to the lady who checked us in and my dad that we did find out - the 1st two legs of the trip were a different airline than the last leg, so we had the boarding passes to get started. I was inclined to use our 2.5 hr layover in Houston to worry about the last boarding passes, but the woman behind the counter and my dad both encouraged me that there was time to do it before heading thru security.

So, here we are, one more day. Weird, huh? Good thing we don't have anything pressing awaiting us.

But after a week or so of really not feeling up to leaving and not wanting to leave my family, when it came down to good-byes last night and this morning I was feeling pretty good. The Lord's grace was very apparent in the final moments, and I was ready. (I assume that will be true for the good-byes the 2nd time around too!) :)

We appreciate prayers for the trip home (calm baby, no weather issues despite the forecasted snowstorm), as well as Herme's job search when we get back. Also, we are going to look for a house on the other side of town, closer to my in-laws, church, pastor....and now my closest friend in Saltillo moved to that side of town too.


OTRgirl said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to call while you've been in range (so to speak). I've been so overwhelmed by work that I've had no juice left for phone calls. I hate that.

I'm glad the trip has gone well and that you have a little extra time now.

Ryan said...

You're a really strong person Sheila (and quite cool I might add, but I'll get back to that in a moment). I don't think I would handle going back to Mexico as well as you apparently have. The goodbyes, going to the airport, then being sent back to your parents house, and then going through goodbye's again! That must have been a whirlwind of emotion.

Getting back to the "you're cool" part, I just wanted to add that I really enjoy reading your blogs, and I comment a line or two every once in a while. However, even when I don't respond, I always read them. So, I encourage you to keep posting! You have been back in Mexico for about a week now (if I am doing my math correctly), and I look forward to reading about the next new adventure in your life!

A year or two more, and I'm sure you will be able to write your own book! Good luck!