Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This post is a random collection of thoughts and observations I have been wanting to share...

They are building a new section to our relatively new neighborhood behind our house. I think it much have something to do with being made in the image of our Creator that makes it so very interesting to watch the process of something being built. I often watch from my upstairs window for a few minutes, and usually check daily on how much progress has been made.

I am not thrilled about having houses put in behind us, as it will feel much more closed in, but I am grateful that my bedroom window will look out at the little bit of space between houses instead right into someone else´s bedroom window. And I am grateful that there are no houses right across from us. I think they will someday turn the open patch of dirt into a park.

I´m looking forward to reaching the benchmark of 2nd trimester in about another month... the nauseasness and tiredness are getting old, and I am hopeful that some of that will ease as the 1st trimester ends.

Any worries I had about filling my day as a homemaker disappeared with the onset of pregnancy. I am lucky to keep up with the basics these days.

I´m realizing that I have a lot of fear attached to doing anything outside of my comfort zone - which includes kind of a lot of things, sometimes. I´d appreciate prayer to be released from this. I know it is natural to be nervous, etc, about new things, but in a situation where I am often confronted by new things are something outside my comfort zone (I´ve moved to another country, for goodness sake!), this whole fear issue can be a bit debilatating.

Although still being asked to work harder and do more, my beloved husband received some rare praise last night for a job well done in recent weeks. For this, I am grateful. And for the fact that he might actually get home by 8 tonight, instead of 9 or later.

Of course, last night was also when we thought we´d be getting news about the level of insurance coverage his company will provide for my prenatal/birth care, but instead found out his boss forgot to take the marriage certificate to HR in Monterrey last week. Supposedly he took it today; we now have to wait up to another week.

It is interesting the little things you learn about a person when you live with them. For example, my husband religiously checks expiration dates when making a purchase and/or consuming something we have had for a while. On the other hand, though, I´ve seen him eat fruit or homemade items well past the date I would have considered them edible.

I know there was more, but I am afraid pregnancy brain strikes again! It´s all mush now, and I can´t for the life of me think what else there was. I´ll be so annoyed later when the things I have been wanted to share with someone suddenly pop back into my head. Oh well.


Inkling said...

Ah, it looks like blogger is finally going to let me post a comment here! I just got an email with your comment, which was such a sweet blessing. I'm sorry you go through challenges too, but I am glad to have someone who feels like a real comrade-at-arms, someone who understands and doesn't offer silly platitudes. Even if we never meet in person this side of eternity, I'm glad to know you and call you my friend. If we did get to meet in person, I think we might even get to share a sigh of relief that we have someone who understands the other.

And just so you know, you knock my socks off (or however the saying goes) with your courage to keep on getting to know your new home and to be an active participant. I am praying for you!

Oh! Since blogger finally let me on here, I have one more question......would there be some way to send you stuff in the mail, and if so, what are the rules/practices regarding customs? Obviously, if someone wanted to send you baby gifts or something, it would be awful to have to pay anything to get them out of customs. How does that work where you live? (My parents have had to figure out creative ways to send me anything of value, since we'd be charged duty and taxes for many items of value. It seems unfair sometimes, for they would only give us things we would not afford for ourselves, and it seems wrong to have to pay for a gift.)

OTRgirl said...

I love watching construction projects. They've been building an addition to the Catholic School around the corner from our house. It gives me something to look forward to when I walk the dog.

I'm sorry that you're having to experience independence (with the overworked husband) perhaps more than interdependence. Glad to hear that you're occupying your days.

Thanks for the reminder to renew the passports so we can get down to visit you!