Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Can´t say I didn´t warn you!

I mean, I don´t know what I was thinking. It like runs in the family after all. For some reason, I was thinking of generic statistics and timelines more than what I know to be true for our family. Silly of me. That is, what I am trying to say is....


When we realized that our chosen form of birth control was not going to work for us, we did consider (and even try) a few other options. But none of them felt right. Although we had planned on waiting maybe 6 months or a little more, we ended up feeling like we needed to just give the reins over to the Lord right off the bat.

And although my beloved husband was pretty sure from the moment we stopped using birth control that I would end up pregnant, I really didn´t think I would. Not right off the bat anyways. Don´t get me wrong - I loved the idea of getting pregnant, and any nervousness I had pre-wedding about getting pregnant right away disappeared on the wedding day. I just figured it could take a few months.

But then my normally very timely period didn´t arrive. That day was when it finally sunk in for me that it was a very real possibility. Because I was sick (congestion, very sore throat) and got to the Dr. about 20 minutes too late, I took an over the counter pregnancy test when I was only a day late. Neither of us had slept well due to my sickness (my sore throat kept waking me up, and my congestion kept waking him up), but I didn´t want to take anything I shouldn´t if I was actually pregnant. The test gave us a very, very faint positive result. We were thrilled!

The next day we did make it to the Dr. He gave me a pregnancy test, although just another over the counter type, and it came up negative. He took his test result very seriously, and had little to nothing to say about the positive result fro the night before. I figured there was a good chance it was just because it was so early still, but it did throw us off a little.

Several days later, still no period, and having felt naseous everyday, we were sure enough that we started telling parents what we were thinking.

Finally, this past Thursday, a friend from church (also our landlady), a blood lab analyzer by profession, came over with all the equipment to do the bloodwork in my living room. Is that crazy or what? Sitting on my living room couch, she took my blood, spun it to separate it, and did the pregnancy test. In her words, now there was no doubts.

We´ll get to the Dr to begin prenatal care as soon as we finish up my paperwork to be married/live here. (The other Dr we went to is just for walk-in consults. Not necessarily long-term prenatal care.) Hopefully we´ll wrap all that up in the next couple of days.

According to the handy-dandy computer calculators, I am due September 30th.

Well, for some of you, this is how we communicate, so I figured this was the best way to tell you. Others of you will hear from family, etc, but I thought you might like to hear the story from me :)


Val said...

What a blessing! It is so great to follow your story. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. It is so great to see God at work in your life. You both...or should I say you all...are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

Inkling said...

Congratulations! You guys will definitely stay in my prayers during this time! Keep us posted.

Carole said...


Tabitha said...

That is SOOO AWESOME Girl! I am so excited for you!

BTW... Joe and I are renewing our vows this summer-the whole big wedding thing!

Kristen said...

After all of our joking about a honeymoon baby, you had to go and do it! John came into my office last week. I can't be happier that all of the things you have wanted you are now being blessed with. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Children are such a blessing. RP pointed me toward your blog. Email her for my new email address and my website so you can see pics of our little girl, born 2 weeks ago, and our son, of course. Glad all is going well. Will be praying for you and hubby.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Sorry, I forgot to identify myself in the previous post - It's Nicole ;) I can't post any other way, I don't think, except for anonymous.