Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To be a bride

After a long time of waiting (first, years of waiting for the man God had for me; second, months of waiting to marry that man once 'found'), the reality of the wedding day is beginning to sink in. It is, you may have noticed, only 80 days away...

And, goodness, is it exciting!

I went a couple of days ago for a fitting. Have I mentioned here how very, very beautiful my wedding dress is?!?! And it fits me perfectly. Perfectly. The only alterations being done are the hem and the bustle, which always have to be done. Standing there in that dress, wearing the headpiece and the shoes and gave me a rush for at least the next couple of hours :)

I tried on an awful lot of dresses before I found this one. I knew a few people that found their dress pretty early on - some chose the 2nd or 3rd dress they saw. I tried on over 30 dresses. Maybe even over 40 dresses. Many were very pretty, and since I happen to be the size that is usually in stock, many were very pretty on me. I wondered a few times if I would really find one that would be the one.

Well, I most definitely did!! :)

I've been looking at wedding rings the last couple of days. What a sense of permanence they have. Of belonging. Of commitment.

Up until now, I hadn't given much thought to what kind of ring I wanted. I figured FB and I would go shopping together and settle on something together. But since we aren't going to have much time together before the wedding, I've started to look and get an idea of what I like.

I think I want a very simple ring. I know there are some neat, and sometimes very meaningful, designs out there. But I keep coming back to the plain, gold rings. I'm not interested in 2-tone, diamonds, patterns. The most I think I'll consider is possibly a bit of edging (like this or this) or something just slightly different like this.
Sometime soon I'm going shopping with one of my closest friends for my wedding day jewelry. At the moment, I don't feel like I have the slightest clue what I want. But I'm hopeful that I will know when I see it - just like the dress and headpiece.

At times, I feel quite a bit of pressure - these are big decisions, for a very important day. But mostly - this is just fun! :)

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OTRgirl said...

I like the rings you picked!