Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My 1st Non-"1st day back to school"

As my brothers headed out the door to their 1st day back to school, my mother made an interesting point:

This is the first year in something like 25 years, since I started at pre-school, that I am not heading off to my 1st day back to school. Immediately upon graduating HS, I headed to college, and immediately upon graduating college, I started working in a school. I've always existed, up to this point, on the school schedule. But not this year.

You'd think, for someone as sentimental and tradition oriented as me, that I'd feel this change more deeply. I guess it is a sign of being ready for this transition, of looking forward to the next phase of my life, that I've hardly realized it, much less had any major feelings on the subject.

I did call and email several good friends from my old workplace and wish them well on a new year. But I haven't really missed being there much at all. I guess that is a good thing....?


OTRgirl said...

Just catching up on your last few entries.

Lots going on! Congrats on your new niece.

Did you hear from him yet?

scarp said...

I'll post more tomorrow (its late here now), but the quick version is I heard from him tonight, but there is still no news.

Anonymous said...

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