Friday, September 7, 2007

Connecting is a good thing ;)

Wow, I am on a blogging roll this week!


My beloved and I chatted online last night, and for the first time in close to 2 weeks (a time frame we were both acutely aware of) we were able to use the camera!

Oh the joy of seeing his face!

Maybe those of you who aren't visual people aren't as affected, but for me, it adds so much to the depth of a conversation when you can use facial expressions. And being able to see a person's eyes can send much more of a message about how they feel about you then simple type-written words can. I found myself smiling so big last night that it hurt my face. And I'm still floating a little today :)

Nothing more has been decided. But I did want to let you know that I was able to clearly express my desire to be flexible, and my family's ability to be so as well, if needed. Again, gotta love facial expression. I was completely assured that I did indeed lift some of the pressure off of FB as he hopes for permission to come up before the wedding. It was a good thing.

I could probably go on and on, seeing as I enjoyed it so much. But I'll spare you. I've captured the highlights.

But for the pray-ers out there, pray for FB to find the right opportunity to talk to his boss. And pray for his boss to give the 'right' answer, whatever that might be.

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