Thursday, August 9, 2007

Keep Praying

I talked with my man last night. He discovered early this week that there is an opening back at his original place of employment. He expressed his interest in returning by phone a couple of weeks ago, and then sent something electronically when he discovered the new opening this week. He's excited because it is very unusual for there to be an opening there. I'm excited because if he were to return and receive a similar salary, we would be financially comfortable. Not rich or anything, but the bills would get paid and there'd still be a little left over. I appreciate your prayers.

I tried to pin him down on when he wants to come up here. He's been trying to hold out until he has his job situation sorted out, but I just asked what his preference would be if everything came together. We've talked a couple of times in vague terms over the months about the timing, since the plan is that I would return with him (to move down at that point). In the past, I always walked away with the understanding that it would be the end of October. I've imagined, and planned mentally around, the 3rd or 4th week. Last night he told me he's thinking the Friday the 28th or Saturday the 29th of September through Saturday, October 6th.

That's significantly earlier!!
That takes some serious mental and emotional adjustment for both myself and my family.

He does have some good reasoning, centering mostly on the fact that in his field of finances, the closer you get to the end of a month, the busier it gets. Therefore, the very beginning of a month would be the easiest time to get away.

Please, keep praying...


Anonymous said...

yes, i totally am on the same page as him regarding month end. i know how busy it is. but...a whole month earlier??? do we have to give you up that soon? isn't it bad enough that he's stealing you away from us?!

okay, enough of my whining. whatever the time frame is, i'll be excited for you as you step into the next adventure and i'll be excited for you that you can finally be with him.


OTRgirl said...

I've been out of blog land for a week and you've gone nuts! I love being able to catch up with your life a bit during one break in class.