Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Checking in

I haven't been sure what to write, but I often find that writing is the best way to inspire myself, so here goes...

The biggest thing that comes to mind is this: the fact that I am going to move far, far away from here very soon has been hitting me a little more the last few days. I think this is for several reasons.
1) Moving back in with my parents is one of my signals that I am getting close to the end of my time here. It seems like just the other day that this point seemed way off in the future.
2) It just really isn't that far off. Tomorrow is August 1st. I leave in (late) October. That means 2 months from now (plus a little) I will be packing up to leave.
3) My brother and his wife announced to the family this past weekend that they are expecting their first baby. I am very excited for them. I am also sad for myself, as I will not be here when the baby is born, and may very well not meet the baby in his/her first year. Maybe I will, but I have to brace myself for the possibility that I won't since it looks like our money situation could be pretty tight.
4) There are a few things happening that are going to keep the time moving along pretty quickly. For example, a bridal shower is being thrown in my honor at the end of August. When FB comes to visit, my family is throwing a "Rochester reception". And I found out yesterday that I have a full time job until I leave, starting Monday. (The job sounds easy and laid back, pays decently, and has the comfortable hours of 8:30-4:30.)

Ok, that was easy part. The hard part is determining exactly how I feel about all this.

I don't know if I've explained here at all how often I get asked the same questions. One of the very common ones is, "So, are you getting excited yet?" Let me just state for the record that I have been excited for a year now! Of course I am excited - I am finally getting married, to a really, really great guy (may I say, The Perfect Guy)! So yes, the fact that the time for me to leave is quickly approaching does cause excitement for me. I am excited, first of all and obviously, to be near the man I love. I am excited to embark on an adventure, learning a new language and culture, becoming a wife. I am excited to be near and among good friends that I have not so far been able to spend a lot of time with.

I think the next emotion I can identify is that I am nervous. Nervous to embark on a new adventure, learning a new language and culture, becoming a wife. Nervous to try and deepen and broaden relationships with good friends that I have not so far been able to spend a lot of time with. Nervous to leave all my family and friends here. Ok, nervous might not be strong enough for that last statement. Occassionally terrified to leave all my family and friends here. Ok, terrified might be a bit strong, but you get the idea.

Mmm, I think that is the best I can do for the moment on that...


So, apparently I have simply had good windows for plants and marvolous luck on the watering and feeding. Well, ok, maybe I had a little bit of a clue. But I managed to overheat and shock the plant going to my aunt in the process of moving, and I really haven't the faintest idea on how to revive it. I'm taking my best guess and hoping it is at least still alive when I take it to her on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

try going here to diagnose your plant probs: http://herselfshouseplants.com/2007/01/diagnosing-plant-problems.html

maybe you can find something on there?

Anonymous said...

oops, i forgot to sign my comment :) hehe

OTRgirl said...

My crazy job is definitely impacting my blogging habit. It's no fair to just do one post a week for a while and then do so many! I felt way behind... ;-)

Nervous and excited sounds about right.

I feel your pain on the plant giveaway. When we left Baltimore it was hard to have to give away the plants. Apparently the bamboo from the living room which I gave to a good friend, has ended up in her Mom's house. She told me recently that it's flourishing. Her mom sings to it, talks to it and dusts it's leaves! Crazy!!

Papajose said...

Dear Sheila,
This is my third try at this and each time the words that I wrote are different, so lets go at it again.
It is with delight that I am able to write in your journal, I call it that, and it is with great care and love we have for you that I pass these few thoughts on to you both.
I wish I had printed the second one out to copy, but here goes. We know that our Lord is giving you a peace in your special event that only comes once in a lifetime.
It is a life that you and FA will come to share and know one another in a deep way as the time of you married lives unfold before you. There is so much that will happen in your lives, that to try to understand it all and explain it to others is hard. The best way is the example that you two will be to others and how our Lord will work through your lives, and this will be the example to all those that you both will come in contact. When you are alone Sheila without
FB at your side, they will see him through your radiant smile and love that comes from you love of one another, and the same is for FB when they see him without you at his side, his joy will be your joy also. Love is a sign of God's love to those around you and it so important to build on this love, not only now, but more so in the day when you both say I do in your vows to one another. Pay close attention to those vows and you will see in your lifetime how important each part of those vows will work in your lives as husband and wife. Truly it is good to give and good to receive from one another Sheila and FB.
We know now that the waiting time before this all happens would make one nervous, but know that is a good nervousiness and soon will be over with in a few short months.
What we can say to you both between now and marriage date is be open and honest with one another and share those thoughts with one another and this allows for no walls or doors between one another.
Your family Sheila as you know stands by you,and you have received a great love from not only Dad and Mom, but your siblings. It is always good to see you all together as a family. And in time what you have gathered from you parents you will pass on to your children. A process that does not end and our Lord will see that all He has provided for you since your day of birth, will not be lost because of your faith in Him. The two of you must keep seeking the deeper life in Him and how amazing life will give you its best that it has for you. Always remember family and the ties you have with them. Just keep your love strong for them, and they will keep you both in their prayers for all that our Lord will have for you.
In writing all this I won't have anything to write in your wedding card, no not really, there is more to be said Sheila.
Sheila you are special.
Many blessings, and soon to write again. Let me know if I said to much. i am going to print out the instructions that you sent me and see what happens this time.
Love you,