Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time is a funny thing

I ran into a woman last night that used to work with me. She left around Christmas time for another job closer to her home. We both remarked how funny it was that, although time had seemed to move quite quickly since she'd left, it feels like a lifetime ago that we worked together instead of just 4 months. I find that to happen a lot, and my best theory is that it has to do with how much has happened and how many things have changed in that period of time.

Turning around and looking forward, time can also play funny tricks as you look into the future. I still have 238 days until my wedding, less about 50 days until I move. Thinking of that in terms of how long until I can be with the love of my life, it seems forever away still. But then I consider that in a manner of weeks, I will be done working in the building I have been in for 7 years (all of my working years since graduating college). Or that in about 6 months, maybe a bit less, I will leave my family. And suddenly, it all seems so very short.
For those I have not already told (I've been a little bit excited the past couple of days), my dad told me the other night that he has some frequent flyer miles he'd be willing to let me use for a visit to Mexico sometime soon!!! :) I don't know if I can express how wonderful it is to think about seeing my love so much sooner than I thought we'd be able to.

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OTRgirl said...

haven't had a chance to call and say so, but I got your message and read the blog entry. I'm really excited for you!!