Friday, September 3, 2010

We saw OUR Dr today

The one who walked us through the whole hospital/surgery experience. She was in a pretty serious car accident just after I got out of the hospital, so this was the first time we'd seen her (6 weeks later!).

Lots of good news:)
She is all for a natural birth, feels there is absolutely no need to plan a C-section just due the operation. (There is always the possibility of one based on the circumstances in the moment, but she is pro-normal birth).

She also said I can start getting up a couple of hours at a time, and can do some light housework (cook, do dishes, etc). She told me not to get carried away, and to make sure and rest every couple of hours, but since I will be 35 weeks on Monday, and the baby already weighs 6 pounds, we don't have to try so hard to out and out avoid birth at this point.

She ALSO said that the endometrioses is not far advanced or very serious.

On an interesting note, in explaining the pathology report to us, she said the type of tumor/cyst I had was one that I had had since birth but only recently started growing. Its growth had nothing to do with the pregnancy - that was just bad timing.

She spent an hour with us, thoroughly checking me and the baby, kindly and patiently answering all of our questions. She really wants to stick with us through the birth, even said she would cancel upcoming weekend plans if we called with any issues or labor signs, etc.

I still haven't gained back all the weight I lost after surgery, but the Dr seemed content with my overall weight gain (about 20ish pounds).

Oops, times up. Gotta run:)