Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feeling much better

First off, I feel like I should clarify a little: when I said that my neighborhood was one of the worst hit, I meant in our city, not anywhere. But I was tired and worried when I wrote that post, so sorry if it sounded worse than it was.

Anyways, I am happy to say that this morning I received a text from Herme saying that everyone was fine, there were just a lot of problems with phone and internet service, and that we would try to connect in the afternoon, which we did! :) The fact that we had planned to not talk for a couple of days due to busy schedules, and then couldn't talk due to the hurricane issues, I was really happy just to hear his voice, without considering my worries and whatnot.

But, apparently, both he and his family, as well as our houses, are all fine despite some serious flooding all around them. Interesting, since our house has a tendency to flood a little bit in just a regular rain storm. As Herme said, God had His hand on the family.

So, feeling much better today. So good to talk to my husband for a bit. So nice to know that there was no damage to our stuff. So good to talk to my husband for a bit :) (I know, I said that 2x, but it was really good)

Thanks for praying.


Inkling said...

I am sooo glad! It sounds like God answered my prayers to the T, down to your house being kept safe and the only reason for the lack of communication being internet/phone line issues from the storm. Thank you for keeping us posted. We'll continue to pray for your town and the areas around you. And if you are able to write about how people might help with any needs you know of since you know that area, please let us know that too.

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