Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Quickie

I haven{t been online much lately, and have apparently poorly chosen the times I´ve been on (hard to predict a 2mo old sometimes), so I feel way behind on blogging...and currently have only a few minutes and only one hand.

But I wanted to let everyone know that all 3 of us will be in Rochester 6 weeks, 12/17-1/27. Should be able to many of those I missed last trip up. :)
(Out of towners making any Rochester trips in that time frame???)

Ok, baby is done so so am I.


Bill C said...

Maybe you could borrow your parents' car and visit the nations capital and see family and friends while you are in the states!

sarah said...

What great news! i had no idea i would get to see you so soon!

ejiaw said...

Awesome! Jordan and I will be in Rochester from 12/20-12/24, staying at a B&B near my mom's house. I haven't been sure how to reach you. We're planning to meet at Tabitha's (parent's house) on Dec. 22 at 6pm for dinner. I cc'd you on the emails if you still check your hotmail account. I really hope you get this. I'd love to see you and the baby, but I don't know how to get in touch.