Thursday, September 25, 2008



This is Mary, Sheila's sister. Hi, how's everyone doin? Good. Good.

Now I'm sure you realize the only reason that someone other than Sheila would be posting on her blog is because she's a little busy WITH A NEWBORN BABY GIRL!!!!

She called at 4am today to say she was having contractions 3 minutes apart and they were on their way out the door to the hospital. She told my mom "I gotta go, here comes another contraction" My mom said Yep, that's real labor.

Next we heard from her was around 8:30 this morning. She had a short "easy" (I mean labor is labor, but relatively speaking, you know) 4 1/2 hour labor with about 15 minutes of pushing. (For the record my labor was like 14hrs w 2 1/2 HOURS of pushing. Not that I'm not happy for her. But she didn't have to show off like that. I'm just saying.)

Now for the important stuff.

Keep in mind we are depending on a brand-spanking-new mother for these details (which include kilo to pound weight conversion) so they may be edited later, but:

Katya Alana
born 5:30am (ish, and I don't know what time zone that is)
7lbs 1oz.

Sorry, no length (I told you, new mommy details). "FB" claims Katya looks like Sheila (those determined Carpenter genes) but Sheila hadn't seen enough of the baby to give her expert opinion on the matter.

My mom's going to meet the baby tomorrow or Saturday and I'm sending my camera so I tentatively promise pictures in a week or 2.

Happy birthday to Danny and Samuel, Danny always gets the best birthday presents....

Hasta la vista. Bay-bay.


Inkling said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited, and what an answer to prayer! When you are back to blogging, or if you have a chance to share through your family, I'd love to hear if the hospital situation was good and what that was like for you.

Oh, what a beautiful message to come back to during the midst of my travels here in the States. I am just so thrilled and am smiling inside and out. What a huge blessing, and what a beautiful name for a baby girl! Blessings to you all!!!!!

love, Sara

NE-SE Reader said...

Now you get to carry the baby on the outside, you proud mommy!
Best to you Shiela!
Uncle Richard

Val said...

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I'm so glad your little one is here safe and sound. What blessings God give us! Post pictures soon. Can't wait to see the little lady. Sending you a virtual hug.

Anonymous said...

OH I"m soooo excited and it was so short which makes me even happier! It also explains why you weren't home when i tried to call you this morning to "check in" I'll call later once you are settled and rested. Lots of love and congrats, Becca

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!! So happy for you both! God Bless!