Friday, August 15, 2008


Ok, so I am finally posting pictures! :)
Thanks to my sister, I now have a memory card reader, which makes the whole process quite simple. It is just a bit time consuming, at least at this cyber.

This round is of me pregnant, for those who haven´t seen me at all. I´m afraid we started out really well and have of late slacked off a bit, but I promise to get some end of pregnancy ones taken and posted as well.

We started out with the grand idea of taking pictures every month of me in the same outfit, so you could see the differences. It was a good plan, anyways.

Blogger is being a little weird, and no matter what I do, the captions don´t quite fall in the right place, so...for months 3,4, and 5 - there are 2 pictures each, and they are in order. Hope that makes sense.

Here I am at 3 months:

At 4 months:

At 5 months (sorry these came out a bit dark...):

Here, I obviously am not in the same outfit, but soemthing is better than nothing. This was just taken about 2 weeks ago (when we actually had a real weekend!), and I´m right about at 7 months.


OTRgirl said...

You look fabulous! It's great to see pics.

Inkling said...

Adorable pics, and it looks like the place you went to on the weekend is beautiful country. Can't wait to hear more and see pics (if you decide to post them) of your little one. =)