Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Update

So, we got to see our little daughter again yesterday. Actually, she is not so little anymore...she put on almost 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks according to the ultrasound estimate, and weighs close to 6lbs already...5 weeks before the due date.

While she was busily gaining weight, I actually lost a pound. Weird,huh? But the Dr isn't worried, and the baby is growing, so all is well I suppose. Puts me at a total weight change of only about 15 pounds.

We had another analysis done for this appointment, and the indicator that was there last time for preenclampsia is now reading normal, so that was happy news. And my blood pressure continues to stay nice and low.

The Dr checked things like amount of amniotic fluid and how the placenta looks, as well as location of the umbilical cord, and everything looks good.

The two fun parts of the ultrasound....
The Dr showing us the baby's hair!
Simultaneously seeing and feeling that she had the hiccups!

The Dr said he had planned on doing an internal exam this time, but since everything seemed so good and normal and all, he decided to hold off till the next appointment in just over 2 weeks.

We've arrived at the weird neverland of pregnancy, where labor could begin any time really [and the Dr said if it started as early as a week from now, we would just let it take it's course], or might not happen for a good 6 weeks or so if she comes late.

But since she appears to be healthy and happy, we'll just continue on our merry way until she decides to come. Although, hopefully, she won't wait so long that she has time to grow too much more!


Anonymous said...

OH my goodness! i can't believe she is coming so soon! i can't wait to see her. They are going to think she is HUGE! I can't imagine her being 6lbs already since abby was 5 10 full term! I shoudl have sent you bigger sized baby clothes! Make sure you email which hospital you finally chose. I'll try to send you some updated pictures of us soon. love ya, Becca

Inkling said...

This is such good news! I am so excited for you, and am glad your little one is doing well. God is so faithful, you know? We both seem to be finding that out these days.

I'll be praying for you in these next weeks as you await the day when you get to meet your little one face to face. And I'll be praying that your hospital experience is a great one.

OTRgirl said...

Smile and hug. That's great to hear.