Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Update

I keep having grandplans of writing major posts, or getting some pictures up, but cyber time has been short lately, for a variety of reasons. So I figured I would at least get you a baby update. Please excuse any typos, as I am writing this in under 5minutes :)

We went this past Tuesday for my latest check-up. I am just over 7 months pregnant (can you believe how fast the months go by?!). It was the first time the Dr didn´t tell us taht everything was fine and dandy, which was alittle bit of a downer. You see, I had blood and urine analysises, and they came back showing a few things a bit off. Like being slightly anemic, needing to drink even more water than I already do, and one indicator of the possibility of preenclampsia. But since my blood pressure is still quite low, he isn´t too worried about it yet. So nothing major, butI have to be a little more careful with diet and things.

Speaking of diet, I only gained 2 lbs this time, putting me at a total of 16.5 gained.

The baby is doing just great though. Still affirmed it is a girl, so looks pretty positive on that front. She is already in the head down position and everything looks good. She weighs something like 4 lbs already!

Oops, times up! be back soon!

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OTRgirl said...

Even if it's just a tidbit, it's great to hear how you're doing!