Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Update

We finally made it to the Drs on Friday. I say finally because it was 6 weeks after our last appointment due to some rescheduling, etc, and felt like a long time to wait to check in on our little one. Plus, I don´t know if I have mentioned that I am basically addicted to ultrasounds! :)

The baby is doing great - on the measurements the Dr took show good growth and continue to suggest slightly early delivery dates (meaning the baby is a little bigger than would be expected for how pregnant I am). The position of the baby prevented us from being able to check the gender for sure - if you remember, last time we went in, the Dr said he was 80% sure it was a boy, but since I was only 3 months pregnant, it was a bit early to tell. So, I´ll be using the male pronouns in part in the generic sense, in part because we think it is a boy.

The baby was lying on his back (picture me lying on my back for the ultrasound, the baby´s back facing my back), bent double so that his feet are up in front of his face. Which explains why I feel almost all of his movement so far in pretty much the same place - he just keeps kicking those little feet.

We were able to see his little arm and hand, and the Dr counted his 5 little fingers. Then we saw his face, and he opened his mouth just as we were watching (my husband´s favorite part). It is amazing to compare the ultrasound pictures from each visit and see how much bigger he has gotten! I don´t understand how the Dr can estimate weight based on an ultrasound, but he says the baby weighs just under a pound already.

I checked out fine as well, with all of our minor questions being answered with, ´that´s normal´, or ´try this simple remedy´. I only gained 2 pounds in the last 6 weeks, for a total weight gain of 3 pounds since our first appointment 2.5 months ago. Our first appointment wasn´t until I was 2 months pregnant, and I am not totally sure how much I weighed before that as I hadn´t had the opportunity to weigh myself since I left Rochester in December. But I don´t think I gained much before that first appointment either. So here I am, just past the halfway mark of the pregnancy and only up something like 4 pounds. Which amazes me since I feel a lot bigger. I mean, I have the noticably protruding stomach and all. I would be slightly concerned at such little weight gain, as all I´ve read suggests I should have gained closer to 10 pounds. But since the baby appears to be healthy and growing well, I´m just grateful to not be putting on too much too fast.

Sooo...so far so good :) We are more and more excited to get to know this little one, enjoying that we can feel him moving now (did I mention yet that my beloved has even felt the baby move a couple of times already?), and knowing that he can hear us talking to him. Speaking of the baby moving, I can´t be sure since this is my first pregnancy, but I think he sure moves alot! I´ve read where if the baby moves less than 10 times over the course of a few hours, you should check in with the Dr. My baby moves 10 times in under a half hour! Repeatedly throughout the day! But I like having that little bit of connection with him and feeling like I know he is ok.

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