Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The waiting game

So, I'm writing this post because to write about the wait makes it feel like I'm doing something more than just waiting. All in my head, I know, but it doesn't hurt anything :)

I'm currently playing the waiting game on 2 fronts. I'll start with the shorter and more straightforward of the 2.

My sister-in-law is in labor as we speak. She debated all yesterday evening whether she was really in labor, went in around 4am this morning, and things have been moving slowly. Waiting for a birth is always exciting, but more so since we don't know if it is a boy or a girl. This will be their 3rd - they already have one of each.

The second has to do with my man. We chatted last on Thursday evening (8/31). He told me he thought we'd next be able to talk on Monday (9/3). That's a little on the long side for us, but not unheard of, depending on what's going on. He had already informed me that he hoped to talk to his new boss on Friday about when he might be able to get the time off for his visit here. So I asked if he could email me sooner than Monday if he got an answer. He agreed, and said he'd also tell me in the email what time he'd be able to talk on Monday (I'm thinking he needed to get a better feel for his hours at his new job). So that was fine, and the waiting began. I knew better than to expect anything earlier than Saturday afternoon or evening. But finding out the date for his visit (and thus the date I'll be moving, as I plan to return with him) had me way too excited. If per chance he was able to write earlier than I expected, I didn't want to miss it. I started checking for his email Friday evening. Saturday, I held off checking till the afternoon, knowing he was busy early in the day. I checked a couple more times as the evening passed. Sunday I knew he'd be at church till mid-afternoon, but checked a couple of times before heading to bed. By Monday, I was having trouble not checking every 1/2 hour or something. Especially since I had left my plans flexible for Monday so I'd be available to talk that evening as planned. But Monday passed with no word. As of 30 seconds ago, I've still not heard from him. I'm guessing at this point that it means he has been so busy he hasn't been able to sit down and write me (keep in mind he has to go to a cyber cafe to use a computer for any kind of personal use). But not only is it killing me to wait on the answer from his boss about when he can come, I hate when I don't know when we'll next talk. It always makes it feel even longer than it is.

Ah well, in either instance, all I can do is pray. And wait.
I'll keep you posted.

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